Event change price in cart Magento


In Magento, event been used a lot. Event in Magento is very strong.

If you want change price in cart of Magento, but not is add product to cart. Simple, let’s using event..

Following, I will create demo a event:

  • Initialization event in config.xml
  • Using event name: sales_quote_add_item
  • Using function: updateProductCartPrice




            <!--event when addto cart-->



                    <Test_ Addcart >


                        <class>Test_Addcart _Model_Observers</class>








In Observers.php file. My url: app/code/local/Test/Addcart/Model/Observers.php

Create a function updateProductCartPrice have content:

  • priceChange: new price


public function updateProductCartPrice($observer)


        $item           = $observer->getQuoteItem();

        $pro                               = ( $item->getParentItem() ? $item->getParentItem() : $item );

        $priceChange            = 3500;





Ok. So, price will change in cart after load again page.




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