List status codes requests (HTTP)


The values of the numeric status code to Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) requests is the data sections of messages Status, Error, Forward and Redirect responses is usefull for developer. It help developer can be diagnostic information and resolve their issues

Summary codes:
1xx: Informational – Request received continuing process
2xx: Success         – The action was successfully received understood and accepted
3xx: Redirection    – Further action must be taken in order to complete the request
4xx: Client Error    – The request contains bad syntax or cannot be fulfilled
5xx: Server Error  – The server failed to fulfill an apparently valid request


List status codes requests (HTTP)


List codes and definitions for per code:
100: Continue
101: Switching Protocols
102: Processing
200: OK
201: Created
202: Accepted
203: Non-Authoritative Information
204: No Content
205: Reset Content
206: Partial Content
207: Multi-Status
208: Already Reported
226: IM Used
300: Multiple Choices
301: Moved Permanently
302: Found
303: See Other
304: Not Modified
305: Use Proxy
307: Temporary Redirect
308: Permanent Redirect
400: Bad Request
401: Unauthorized
402: Payment Required
403: Forbidden
404: Not Found
405: Method Not Allowed
406: Not Acceptable
407: Proxy Authentication Required
408: Request Timeout
409: Conflict
410: Gone
411: Length Required
412: Precondition Failed
413: Payload Too Large
414: URI Too Long
415: Unsupported Media Type
416: Range Not Satisfiable
417: Expectation Failed
418: I\m a teapot
421: Misdirected Request
422: Unprocessable Entity
423: Locked
424: Failed Dependency
425: Reserved for WebDAV advanced collections expired proposal
426: Upgrade Required
428: Precondition Required
429: Too Many Requests
431: Request Header Fields Too Large
451: Unavailable For Legal Reasons
500: Internal Server Error
501: Not Implemented
502: Bad Gateway
503: Service Unavailable
504: Gateway Timeout
505: HTTP Version Not Supported
506: Variant Also Negotiates (Experimental)
507: Insufficient Storage
508: Loop Detected
510: Not Extended
511: Network Authentication Required
Other codes: Unassigned

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