Magento rewrite functions in validation.js


Hi you, today, I will guide how to rewrite functions in validation.js,
validation.js in js/prototype/validation.js, it check validation of all form in Magento website
You can use simple as below code for per form:

var dataForm = new VarienForm('form_id');

Here, I will rewrite validate function.

Step 1: Create a new file
example: custom_validation.js in skin/frontend/packed_theme/theme/js/custom_validation.js

Step 2: Add that file to layout xml
I will add to page.xml file, you need add after validation.js


Step 3: Wewrite content in custom_validation.js
I add a notice “New validate function” to first line function.


From here, you can custom function all follow your want.

Thanks for watching!

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