Magento code adding custom options in product


Which was used in one of my projects to import product data including custom options. Another solution would be writing a script which could dynamically add custom options to a set of existing products. In this post I will show you how to create such script.

The available properties are as follows:

  • title – the option’s label;
  • type – option type, possible values:
    • field – simple input text,
    • area – multiline text area,
    • file – file with an upload form in the front-end,
    • drop_down – drop-down list with predefined values,
    • radio – a set of radio buttons,
    • checkbox – multiple selectable checkbox options,
    • multiselect – list of multiple selectable options,
    • date – date input field,
    • date_time – date and time combined,
    • time – time only;
  • is_require – a flag indicating if the option is required, 1 or 0;
  • price – price surcharge for the option;
  • price_type – type of the option surcharge, fixed or percent (of the product’s price);
  • sku – SKU for the option.

Some of the properties are type-dependent, e.g., a “file” option also has:

  • file_extension – a string of comma-separated file extensions that are accepted by the option; if empty any extension except “exe” and “php” is allowed;
  • image_size_x and image_size_y – image dimension limits in pixels;

An option of type “field” can have the following property:

  • max_characters – maximum allowed number of characters.

I will demo a example.
I have a json string as below:



Magento code adding custom options in product

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