Magento get payment method name with query


Magento get payment method name with query

When payment method in your website was deleted, orders were using there payment method will show to error page when you go to order detail page in admin.
Simple, these orders can’t get info from there payment method.

You not also access to Payment method manage to checking. Have only case to check it.
It’s check by query.
All we need is ID orders:

Example: I have 2 ID order is: 100016521 and 1300000095
I will add these ID orders to query SQL below

SELECT so.increment_id as order_id, pm.method as payment_method, pm.parent_id
from sales_flat_order so, sales_flat_order_payment pm
where so.entity_id = pm.parent_id and so.increment_id in (100016521, 1300000095);

Result with software connect to SQL server:

Magento get payment methos name with query

Also you use query without software, please refer this link

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